Don't Make These Common Winter Homeowner Mistakes

Winter home care is lighter, but it is not nonexistent. If you want to keep your home in good condition all year round and avoid unnecessary problems this season, avoid making these common mistakes in the upcoming months.

Storing Firewood Too Close to the House

There’s nothing nicer than cuddling up next to a crackling fire when it is cold and blustery out. One word of advice though, when you're stocking up your firewood, make sure that you do not pile your cut wood directly against your home. This is because the nooks and crannies in firewood piles are a favorite hideout for creepy crawlies, especially black widows. And if that firewood pile is directly against your home, those bugs and pests can find their way inside more readily. Store firewood at least six feet away from exterior walls and make sure to shake off firewood before bringing it inside.

Neglecting to Protect Outdoor Spigots and Faucets

As a part of your fall to-do list, you most likely gathered up hoses and emptied sprinkler lines, but don’t forget to protect the spigots and faucets you have outside too. Place a faucet cover over exposed water sources. You can pick these up for relatively cheap at your local home improvement store. It is also not a bad idea to insulate any piping with a foam wrap to protect against freezing.

Keeping Icicles Around

You may think that icicles are simply a fixture of Winter the way that snow is. You may think they are pretty, but they can actually cause damage that is pretty ugly. For one thing, they can cause damage to your porch, walkway or even to yourself if they happen to fall on you. What’s more is that they could point to bigger problems in the way of ice dams. Ice dams form when water is prevented from flowing properly through your gutters. They then freeze, expand and can cause icicles to appear. Ice dams can contribute to water leaks inside your home and roof damage. So don’t ignore icicles if you see them. Inspect your gutters and make sure that they are free of debris.

Our Goodwyn Homes are designed to be easy to care for. We want you to spend more time enjoying time around your home than maintaining it. And if you give attention to these three things this Winter, you can avoid a few common pitfalls.

By Goodwyn Building 12-20-2022