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George Goodwyn, President

George grew up on job sites in Montgomery alongside his father, a civil engineer who founded Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood. After graduating from the University of Alabama, George began working in commercial construction. Eventually he found his way to his true passion, building quality, affordable homes that are energy efficient, and helping others reach the American Dream – owning their own home.

To George, the best part of construction is simply starting the home build – turning an empty lot into something wonderful that will have so much meaning to someone. Although he spends many long hours on those construction sites, he still makes time for exercising, reading, and his blended family that includes six children and three grandchildren.

Since founding Goodwyn Building in 1985, there has been a lot of growth and change. However, it is the strong family values and sense of tradition that keeps Goodwyn Building strong, and has brought two of George’s children, Carter, and Alison, to the company and the Leadership Team.

"I love what we do -- Building affordable, energy efficient, low maintenance homes so that families can build generational wealth and participate in the American Dream." - George Goodwyn Jr.

Carter Goodwyn, Vice President of Production

Growing up on job sites alongside his father, George, Carter's journey has been intertwined with the very essence of Goodwyn Building. Many of the same employees who once picked him up from school are now his colleagues, reflecting the deep familial roots that define Goodwyn Building.

Carter is intimately involved in every facet of the home building process. From scheduling to execution, he ensures that each project meets the high standards set by Goodwyn Building. A particular point of pride for Carter is witnessing the meticulous tiling of fireplaces—a touch of luxury that encapsulates the essence of Goodwyn Building's craftsmanship.

Away from the hustle of overseeing construction sites, Carter finds solace in the company of his seven-year-old Golden Retriever, Reggie. A dedicated advocate for community service, he spends his free time volunteering and cherishes moments related to Alabama sports.

Alison Bajoka, Vice President of Business Operations

Being a woman in construction is more than just a positive, it's powerful. With eight years under her belt at Goodwyn Building, nothing runs more smoothly than when Alison has put her mark on it.

Whether it's running the sales team, shoring up contracts, or making sure Goodwyn Building homes have the highest quantity materials at the most affordable rate, being in charge of business operations means every detail matters. Her favorite detail about Goodwyn homes is the Spray Foam insulation since it's the superior insulation and helps to lower energy bills.

When Alison isn't making sure all of the behind-the-scenes tasks of construction are executed on time and without issue, she is enjoying time at home with her husband, Dave, and their daughter, Winnie.

Philip Goodwyn, New Home Specialist

Philip is a man of many hats. Since joining the Goodwyn Building team in 2006, Philip has helped to expand to new areas in Central Alabama. As a New Home Specialist, he also brings expertise in Mechanical Engineering (with a degree from the University of Alabama) and 25 Years as a professional chef. With these skills, Philip is an expert in seeing what will work in homes and for homebuyers – Kitchens designed from a cook’s perspective and common areas that allow for ease of movement. When he isn't finding the perfect Goodwyn Building home for homebuyers, Philip can be found working with several charities, such as mentoring young men form the Renascence half-way house, working on his historic 1842 Montgomery home, or finding the perfect recipe to cook up in one of his 1200 plus cookbooks.

Ray Culey, New Home Specialist

Having served for 23 years in the military, Ray has had the opportunity to travel to many places with his wife and two children. As someone that's had to move around a lot, Ray is well versed and prepared to meet the needs of every home buyer that comes his way. After serving, Ray cultivated a career in real estate. With 17 years in Central Alabama real estate market, Ray has honed his skills to best find the right Goodwyn built home for buyers. As a New Home Specialist, Ray has dedicated his career to helping homebuyers find what is best for them. With five master’s degrees under his belt, Ray's passion is to educate others in personal finance and local real estate.

Trent Graham, New Home Specialist

Trent is Goodwyn Building’s newest New Home Specialist, but he is no stranger to the construction site. Trent has spent time in charge of seeing out the closing process for homebuyers, ensuring that Goodwyn Building’s standard of quality is present for each and every home. With this understanding of construction and Goodwyn Building homes, Trent is an asset to any homebuyer looking to buy a brand-new home. Trent has come to love the Palmetto floor plan and how each home is truly low maintenance. When he is not working the University of Alabama alum can be found golfing or with his wife and beloved dog Moses.

Kim Calvert, Executive Assistant & Warranty Specialist

Chances are if you’ve called Goodwyn Building, you have had the pleasure of speaking with Kim. Kim works hard to make sure new contract paperwork is completed, every warranty issue is taken care of expeditiously, and making sure our Accountant has exceptional support. If she is not busy at work, she is busy at home taking care of her three dogs, duck, and turtle or taking on an at home DIY project. Montgomery may be home to Kim; but it is her Husband and their three adult children that are her real home.

Mason Handey, Construction Manager

The precision and quality of a home’s foundation and framing is the most essential step in a Goodwyn Building home that will be affordable to own and buy, as well as retain and gain value into the future. Mason manages the construction, quality control, and safety for all Goodwyn Building homes. Mason understands that energy efficiency can be a deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a home which is why our spray for insulation is his favorite feature in a Goodwyn Building home. When Mason isn’t focusing on all the details of a construction site, he can be found outside enjoying nature and fishing.

Penny Moses, Bookkeeper

Penny has been with Goodwyn Building for 14 years and manages the accounting and bookkeeping. Penny is an expert on juggling all the financial details from one extra window needed on a job site to a large plat of land under development. After 14 years on the team Penny has come to love the framing process, as you are just a few months away from having someone’s dream home built. Each home having energy efficient features just makes it all the better. Penny spends her time enjoying the lake and keeping up with her three adult children and four granddaughters.

NJani Payne, Executive Assistant

Home building and selling is a large process that requires lots of behind-the-scenes tasks, this is where NJani lends a hand to the Goodwyn Building team as an executive assistant who has a hand in all the Goodwyn Building marketing efforts, as well as so many behind-the-scenes tasks so that Goodwyn Building continues to run smoothly. As a Michigan resident NJani spends her time either on the lake or ski hills with her family and rescued dog. Working remotely has meant that pictures and video are integral and NJani has come to enjoy seeing when a house starts to feel like a home when cabinets and countertops get installed.

Devin Pierce, Construction Manager

When it comes to the construction of Goodwyn Building homes, Devin is a wealth of knowledge. Devin has been with the team for almost eight years and is the Construction Manager that oversees the quality control and executing the Home Orientations with new homebuyers prior to purchasing their Goodwyn Building home. Being involved in the home building process, he has come to really appreciate the spray foam insulation that goes in each home to really helps create an energy efficient space. When not on a job site Devin can be found hunting or spending time with his two adult daughters and three dogs.

John Price, Draftsman

Before cabinets or plumbing, or even a foundation is poured, each home starts out as an idea that John, the Goodwyn Building Draftsman, draws out in detail so that Goodwyn Building construction managers, team members, and subcontractors have a clear understanding and plan to build a quality, brand new Goodwyn Building home. This might seem like a lot of responsibility, but after 11 years with Goodwyn Building, it’s all second nature to John. With all the time John spends working on the design of houses, he’s come to call the owner’s ensuite in each home his favorite aspect of a Goodwyn home. John spends his spare time doing sporting clays and with his family that includes two dogs and a cat. Roll Tide!


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Watching a brand new home take shape is a rewarding experience for any homeowner. From the first dig of the foundation to the last coat of paint, it's definitely something you'll never forget. At Goodwyn Building, we take pride in the way we build our homes, and we want to share our enthusiasm and expertise with you. Not only do we build your home in the most efficient and effective way possible, but we'll help you understand every piece that goes into your home - so you can know it inside and out.

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