Our Team

Leadership Team
George Goodwyn, Jr., President

Carter Goodwyn, Vice President of Production

Alison Bajoka, Vice President of Business Operations

New Home Specialists

Ray Culey, 334.202.4668, Ray@goodwynbuilding.com

Philip Goodwyn, 334.296.2438, Philip@goodwynbuilding.com

Trent Graham, 334.324.3487, Trent@goodwynbuilding.com


Kim Calvert, Executive Assistant

Mason Handey, Construction Manager

Penny Moses, Accountant

NJani Payne, Executive Assistant

Devin Pierce, Construction Manager

John Price, Draftsman


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Watching a brand new home take shape is a rewarding experience for any homeowner. From the first dig of the foundation to the last coat of paint, it's definitely something you'll never forget. At Goodwyn Building, we take pride in the way we build our homes, and we want to share our enthusiasm and expertise with you. Not only do we build your home in the most efficient and effective way possible, but we'll help you understand every piece that goes into your home - so you can know it inside and out.