How to Clean Your Home this Winter

It seems as if no matter what you do the home always gets dirty. Each season tends to have its own way of making your home dirty. You might not think that winter can do much to your home other than track some snow into your home. However, there is more that is happening that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Windows are kept shut in the winter and for good reasons. This causes some unwanted effects from a lack of ventilation. Goodwyn Building understands that cleaning your home isn’t fun but an important thing to do. Here we will show you some of the ways that your home gets dirty in the winter and the best way to clean them.


Your furnace is an important part of your home in the winter, no doubt you would agree. This essential home feature doesn’t come without its needed maintenance. The best way to keep your air nice and clean in your home and your energy bill down is by simply changing your air filter once a month. Don’t forget to clean the furnace itself. It can easily get covered with dust and grime on top but always collect dust bunny’s underneath. The easiest method of ensuring that your furnace filters get changes is by setting a reminder on your phone for every 1st of the month or whichever day works best for you.


These beautiful features of our home can actually help to warm up our home when the sun is shining through them. The sun can have a challenging time shining through when there is a film on the inside of them. Most of the time the eye can’t pick this up but that is why we are sharing our secrets with you. If you have a real fire place a layer of soot can develop on your windows blocking the sunlight from getting in your home and effecting its ability to warm it up. Sunlight can also have a positive effect on your family’s mood.


Cleaning your ceiling seems like a funny one but it is an important one to clean every year in the winter. Having your windows closed is always a good thing when it is cold outside but there are some negative effects to doing so. Windows being shut causes a lack of ventilation meaning that the ceiling in your kitchen collected all of the fumes and moisture from cooking. Over time a film develops on the ceiling. The film will continue to thicken over time if its isn’t cleaned at least once a year. Just a little soap and a little water does the trick in taking it off. Always make sure to test it in an area not readily seen.

Goodwyn Building knows that your home is important to you and that you want to make sure that you’re taking care of it the best way that you can. We want to be able to help you do that. We build homes that are meant to last so the ceilings, furnaces, and windows that we put in are going to be the best possible. This doesn’t mean that up keep isn’t needed. This is the same with any home that you buy though. Take a peek at our homes! We know that you will love living in them as much as we loved building them.

By Goodwyn Building 11-21-2017