Weekend Ideas for the Family

Many times, parents and couples work hard during the week and then rush into the weekend with things do to and get done around the house. Of course, there is time for fun and going out. After a couple of weekends go by you might be running out of ideas of new things to do. Goodwyn Homes knows that a home brings family together to build stronger bonds and get closer together. We are trying to help families do that one home at a time with the homes we have available. However, there is always a need to do fun activities both inside and outside the home as well. We want to help with ideas to do over the weekend.

  1. Go Fruit Picking

There are a lot of different fruits this time of year that are ripe for picking right now. This is great for a date or just a family outing. The kids will love it and it’s something that even the young ones can have a part in. There is no age limit to get to have a good time. What is nice about this activity is that is one that just keeps on giving because when you get home you have great fruit to eat in the days to come. However, that’s not just all that can be done but there can be a number of dates or family events that can had after you go picking.

  1. Bake a Pie

Plan ahead of time before you go picking, thinking about what you can do with the fruit you’re choosing to pick. If you go strawberry picking, then figure out what dessert you and the family can make together. This allows for you and the family to bond with each other and work together, building stronger ties to each other. Like wise if you go peach picking then finding a peach cobbler recipe for you and the family to work on together will make for a great time. Then you’re able to plan for a great night with some games and pie.

  1. Make a Family Night

Starting a family night tradition can be hard especially when you have kids that are a bit older. That is why it is best to start this tradition out when the kiddos are still young. As you bake desserts to eat sweet treats, make it an evening of games and funs. Make it every it a weekly occurrence where you try new desserts and games. This will help make sure that your family grows together and not apart. Make sure your family ties are built and kept strong with family tradition that can last until the kiddos leave the house.

Goodwyn Buildings knows that family makes a home. There are a lot of different factors that make a house a home. One of the many is what you do in the home and starting family traditions is one of the best ways to turn your house into a home. Goodwyn Buildings has a number of houses waiting to be made a home. Take a look at the ones we have available today!

By Goodwyn Building 6-27-2018