Facts About Clover Lawns

Are you fed up with traditional grass lawns? Bedecking your lawn in clover is a popular alternative and here’s why.

You Don’t Have to Mow It as Often

One of the biggest reasons people get fed up with grass lawns is due to the upkeep. Typically, grass needs to be trimmed every week during the spring and summer months in order to keep a neat appearance. Clover, on the other hand, needs significantly less maintenance. White clover reaches heights of only 2-8 inches and therefore most homeowners only need to mow the lawn a few times a season.

You Don’t Have to Water It As Much

Despite the fact that clover is bright and lush green, it actually does not require all that much water. In fact, clover is a drought tolerant plant. Part of this is due to the fact that clover roots reach far deeper than grass roots do. So, add saving money and natural resources to your reasons to switch to a clover lawn.

You Don’t Have to Fertilize

Technically, clover is in the legume family, and legumes don’t need additional fertilizer. This is because they take nitrogen from the air and transfer it into the soil it is in. Grass lawns with clover mixed in will look brighter and healthier since clover improves the soil quality of any yard it is in. But of course, you can always skip the high maintenance grass and simply opt for clover all over.

You Don’t Have to Spend Much

Clover is also very affordable! White clover seeds cost on average $4 a pound. Combine that with the fact that clover doesn't require as much water, fertilizer, and maintenance as grass and it becomes even more affordable! Plus, did we mention that because clover roots travel deeply into the soil, they naturally crowd out weeds? Clover also fills in quickly. So, if your clover lawn is looking patchy, just be patient and it will be full and plush in no time.

At Goodwyn, we are all about making your life easier and maintainable. That is why we build our homes with energy saving materials so that your energy bill is easy to maintain. And if you want a lawn that is easy to maintain as well, try switching to clover.

By Goodwyn Building 7-22-2022