About Us

George Goodwyn, Jr. grew up on job sites in Montgomery, AL with his father, George Goodwyn Sr., a civil engineer who founded Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood. Following in his father’s footsteps, George Jr. graduated from the University of Alabama and began working in commercial construction. While he thrived through precision and attention to detail on the job site, he was unfulfilled.

In 1989, George Jr. built a team to succeed together and remain together – with many of the same team members working at Goodwyn Building today. This team was forged with the single goal of creating the American Dream. Goodwyn Building found an opportunity to provide affordable housing for the young couple, the working family, the retirees, and everyone in between because Goodwyn Building believes that owning your own home is the American Dream. Moreover, in 2010, George was told that you couldn’t build an affordable house that is also energy efficient. Equipped with a new challenge and twenty years under his belt, George worked to design a home that has exceptional livability and provides homebuyers the assurance that they will continue to be able to afford their home far into the future with energy-efficient, cost-saving homes.

Goodwyn Building is truly a family business. George Sr. has joined his son, George Jr., as well as George Jr.’s brother, Philip, and daughter, Alison. With a mission to design, build and sell new homes which will retain and gain value for the new home owners, Goodwyn Building aims to efficiently and purposefully combine and coordinate the efforts of skilled carpenters, laborers and subcontractors to build the highest quality home for the least amount of money and to perform our tasks in a way that is pleasing to GOD.

We invite you to join the Goodwyn Building family!