Teaching Kids How to Garden

Kids are always looking for projects to do with their parents. They love spending quality time with you. Having just entered summer and kids being out of school you might be wondering what projects that you can do with your kids that would be beneficial. Teaching your kids how to garden from seeds can be very helpful in teaching your kids a lot of different qualities. Goodwyn Building knows that having that space and time with your kids is important. That is why we build the type of homes that we do, so that you have the space to do these projects with your kids.

Planting seedlings will help your kids to develop patience and learn how to nurture. Seedlings only take a week or two to come up from the soil. So, your kids will start to see the results relatively fast, but it will seem like forever to your kids. It gives them something to be excited about and check every day. The setup is simple. Just get a little seedling kit. Put your organic dirt in there and then put the seeds down the distance of twice the size of the seed. That means you’re not putting them down very far.

Make sure that you’re letting your kids do most of the work. Show them how it is done and then hand a little shovel over to them. That is what makes it fun for them. Once you have done this, then it is time to put the dome over it. You will need to decide if you would like these plants to grow in the light of your window or if a growing light would be better.

After it starts to grow, make sure that your kids stick with it. You will need to transfer it into a pot once it gets big enough. When moving onto this phase, get little pots and have them paint on it wherever they want. That way they know which plant is there and it makes it fun. Let them help with the transplanting. Help them to learn that this plant is in their care now and that it is their responsibility to take care of it. The lesson will be beneficial as they grow themselves.

Goodwyn Building understands that having a family is a beautiful thing. However, helping your kids to learn important lessons while making it fun can be hard. We build homes that create the perfect space for you to do this in though. Call us today if you’re interested in buying a home. We would love for you to take a look at ours.

By Goodwyn Building 6-24-2020