Space Heater Safety

When it is cold outside, no doubt you long to be cozy in your home. Comfy slippers, warm blankets, hot beverages, and maybe a space heater at your side to boost the warmth around you. Space heaters are without question a great way to supplement heat in the blustery, cold months of the year. But there are some safety considerations you should make when using one. Keep reading to find out our top space heater safety tips so that you can stay safe and warm this Winter.

Keep Them Separated

When using a space heater, always be aware of the materials and fabrics around it. If fabrics are allowed to maintain contact with your heater, well, that is just a recipe for disaster. To prevent fires and keep rugs, curtains, and clothes in good condition, always keep your space heater three feet away from other materials and fabrics.

Don’t Cover the Cord

When using a space heater, you want it to heat the space that you are in, obviously. This means that you want it near you. A common problem that occurs, however, is that when you are moving around in the space, you trip over the cord. In an effort to eliminate this tripping hazard, some people will run the cord beneath a rug. This can present a problem if the cord crimps underneath the rug since this significantly increases the risk of fire. And because it is out of sight, you are not as likely to catch the fire before it becomes bigger. For this reason, it is best to leave the cord where you can see it.

Keep It on the Ground

Another thing you want to avoid when using a space heater is placing it on top of furniture. If a child or dog happens to bump the dresser or table that the heater is on and it falls face down onto the floor, this can easily cause a fire. Make sure to always place space heaters on the ground instead.

Don’t Buy Secondhand

While thrift shopping in general is a great activity, getting a space heater secondhand is not the best idea. That is because newer models of space heaters have multiple safety features built in that older models don’t. Features like an automatic shut off when it has been running for too long or it is tipped over. For the same reason, if you have been using the same space heater for years and years, it may be a good idea to replace it.

At the end of the day, a space heater is a wonderful Wintertime mainstay. Keep these few safety tips in mind when using one and you will be safe and warm.

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By Goodwyn Building 2-18-2022