Healthy Produce You Can Grow Indoors

Fresh produce is one of life's most delicious joys. Nothing beats the taste of something that nature produces. If you love produce, you can support your local markets and get even better quality. However, fruits and vegetables are not always in season. Fortunately, those at Goodwyn Building want you to know you can grow your own.

The First Things You Need to Do

There are a few things you'll need to do before you begin. Pots with drainage holes are vitally important. Sunlight is also essential. If you don't have a lot of natural sunlight, inexpensive grow lights are ideal.

Indoor Fruit

One of the most amazing things about fruit is you can grow it right in your own home. Certain types of fruits are particularly suited to this process.

Lemons are a wonderful thing to grow at home. They add lots of color to your home. Lemons also smell great. Planting seeds can take time. Many homeowners like to use widely available dwarf trees instead. They'll do very well. Just make sure they get at least eight hours of sun each day.

Tomatoes are another kind of fruit that you can grow at home. An already established plant is a wonderful choice. Place it in a sunny spot and turn the pot at least once a week so each side of the plant grows evenly.

Indoor Vegetables

Vegetables can also be grown indoors. Garlic greens are perfect. They're much easier to grow than garlic bulbs. Bury a standard garlic bulb in some soil. All they need is a sunny area and you're ready for a harvest a short time later.

Another item that you can grow in your home are microgreens. Microgreens are a well-known source of varied types of vitamins and minerals. They're a great thing to put on top of a salad. Not only that, but as the term implies, they micro so they don't take up a lot of space. Get a tray of seedlings from your local nursery. All they need is a bit of soil. Then you can water them every day. The seeds will begin to sprout a short time later. Once they're sprouting it's time to snip them off and serve in any way you like.

Here's just a few of the many types of produce you can easily grow at home all year long.

By Goodwyn Building 1-21-2022