Energy Saving Home

As utility bills continue to go up and the amount of income we can bring in is going down, we often wonder what we can do. Each of us want to be able to afford a nice home with utility bills that leave us some money left over for something else. has given us a solution that provides us not only with an affordable home but an affordable utility bill as well. Their article Alabama Home Benefits from Energy-Saving Enhancements investigates the new home of Bill Gill’s Goodwyn Home.

It brings out that when he moved in, he knew it was a good buy. The article quotes him saying “I moved into my house in June and was dreading moving boxes into the attic because of the 100-degree heat,” Gill said. “But when I got up there, I was surprised to find the attic was just a few degrees warmer than the temperature of the rest of the house, around 75.” Which is good for that time of year in Alabama because the average temperature during that time of year is between 85 and 90 degrees. The article attributes this remarkable attic and home temperature to foam insulation saying his house is ““fully encapsulated,” meaning that both the attic and the walls have a layer of spray-foam insulation.” This ensures that cool air stays in and stifling air stays outside the home.

The next thing that Alabama News Center brought out was that his new Goodwyn home was built with a heat pump water heater and that “for every $1 spent you get at least $2.40 in energy.” A heat pump water heater is different than traditional water heaters because they move heat to surrounding air of an enclosed box instead of generating heat. To generate heat, it takes a lot more energy than to move heat to an appropriate location. That’s why it saves so much on the utility bill every month.

The article also brought out that Goodwyn Building uses double-pane low-emissivity glass windows. These types of windows insulate the home keeping it either cool inside or warm depending on the season. On top of that Goodwyn has gone ahead and installed an “Efergy E2 Power Monitor, which makes it easy for homeowners to track real-time energy consumption and anticipate heating and cooling costs.” This helps in knowing how much energy you’re using so that you can monitor what your utility bill is going to be like.

Gill is quoted talking about how he is retired and stays home most days with the TV on and all appliances plugged in. Even so, his utility bill is generally around $90 each month. For the person who might be a little more conscious about the energy he uses or the working family who isn’t home most of the day their utility bill could be even lower than that. Goodwyn Building homes are very reasonable priced and they uphold their values and building standards. Check out their available homes today!

By Goodwyn Building 5-31-2017