Decorate Your Home with Rugs

When decorating your home, you may think of putting a rug in a room last. The last added piece comes with a smaller budget and not much thought to it because you’ve already got the rest of it there. Goodwyn Building understands that decorating takes time and money. Rugs can be an asset to a room when done right. How do you decorate with a rug though?

First you want the rug to be the first thing that you buy for your room. Think about the color you want the room to have and show off. In addition to this think about what will be going on in that room. Will there be kids or pets that will be playing in it. If that is the case then you want to make sure you get the right type of material for the occasion. Some material will be more durable than others. Research for which type of rug will be best suited for your family is key. There are so many different types of cloths.

Once you’ve got the color you want and the type of rug you want you need to think about size. Size is important when it comes to picking out your rug. You need to see what kind of furniture lay out you’re wanting. Most times you’re going to want it big enough to hold your room. This means that you want your furniture pieces to be able to fit on it. Whether you just have the two front legs of your couch on it, an ottoman and a chair on it that is on the other side of the room it must be big enough to hold the room together yet small enough that you have enough of your flooring around it free.

In addition to color you want to think about pattern. Patterns can make a bold statement in your home along with the color you choose. This will add look and feel to your home. Think about the mood that you want to have. What speaks to your personality? You’ll be paring this with your couch and so forth so you want to make sure they mesh and complement each other. Most couches are a grounding color so the pattern that you choose you want to make sure that it flows. Once you’ve got your rug picked out and are ready to set it in your home make sure that you buy a no slip mat to go underneath it. Typically, you’re going to want that about 2 inches smaller than the rug you got.

So next time you’re decorating your home don’t just save a rug for a last-minute thing, but instead design a room around a stunning rug. It is captivating and beautiful when you do. There are many other variables to consider but these are some of the main ones. We want you to love your home and the way it looks. Goodwyn Building has been building and designing homes since 1989. Check out the homes we currently have available.

By Goodwyn Building 8-1-2017