Reasons You Should Paint Your Ceiling

Being a part of the life changing experience that is homeownership brings the Goodwyn Building team joy. We build energy efficient homes that are affordable to buy as well as own. This way, while you are saving money on your energy bill, you can use the money you saved to invest in making your house your own. One way you can do this is by taking your ceiling into consideration when you are painting your home. Most people neglect to think of the space above their heads when designing, but here are a few reasons not to.

Add Personality

Since many do not utilize their ceilings when painting, you can take the opportunity to make your home unique! Of course, there is nothing wrong with a crisp, white ceiling, but imagine the possibilities if you opt for a bold and bright color, or even a faux finish instead. Adding a little color to your ceiling space is sure to bring the ‘wow’ factor and give you more room to show off your personality.

Force Perspective

The human eye can see a huge spectrum of colors and can rapidly take in surroundings. But the human eye can also be fooled with forced perspective. Interior designers have long used this fact to their advantage, and you can too! If you want to make a certain room appear bigger than it is, you can do so by painting your ceiling a lighter shade of the color you already have on your walls. This will fool you into thinking that the room continues more than it does. Ultimately making a room feel bigger.

Make a Room Cozier

If you have high or vaulted ceilings, no doubt you enjoy the elegance and grandeur that they offer. Sometimes though, this can leave a room feeling somewhat uninviting. A simple solution is to splash some well-chosen colors on your ceiling to bring them down a bit. Rich colors in moderation like, eggplant, sapphire, and chocolate can make a room feel warm and intimate.

Shine Light on Design Features

If your ceiling happens to feature lovely designs such as exposed beams, crown molding, or recessed ceilings then they could most certainly benefit from well-chosen paint. If you want to highlight these different features, you can do so by using contrast. Choose a shade darker or lighter than the feature you want to compliment in order to make it really stand out.

The moral of the story here is to not neglect this precious piece of real estate hanging right over your head. If your search for inspiration is not satisfied, do not wait to check out our other blogs for homeowners! You are sure to find something useful.

By Goodwyn Building 8-20-2020