Warranty Program

As of July 21, 2016 All Homes Come With a Thirteen Year Warranty

In addition to manufacturer warranties, Goodwyn Building provides an industry leading home warranty that assures that your investment is well protected. Under this Thirteen Year Warranty for New Homes, Goodwyn Building guarantees that for the first year, warranted items will function and operate as described in our Warranty Standards. This could include floor squeaks, ventilation problems, paint or stain peels, or glass breakage. In addition, designated structural elements are warranted for 13 years. This could include cracks in the concrete walls or column movements. While most homebuilders provide a 5 or 10 year structural warranty, Goodwyn Building is proud to offer our homebuyers the 13 year warranty that provides longer and more extensive coverage.

We work hard to quickly respond to any problem you might have and have a system in place for homebuyers to contact us immediately so that we can appropriately inspect and correct the problem. Your satisfaction and enjoyment is our goal.

For Homeowners that purchased a home after July 21, 2016, to request warranty performance visit: http://www.rwcwarranty.com/homeowners/submit-a-claim/

For More Information on how your warranty works visit: http://www.rwcwarranty.com/how-does-my-warranty-work/

For Homeowners who purchased a home before July 21, 2016, to request a warranty performance, email warranty@goodwynbuilding.com

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