How to Get Started Organizing

Saying something “feels like home” is a common phrase to describe the comforting, easy feeling a certain place or thing may hold for you. That is because homes are the places we can be most at ease, and most ourselves. Home is also the place where we store the things we love. And no wonder, since a large part of expressing yourself is with the things you choose to possess. It certainly is fun to have a collection of things, but at some point or another, we are all faced with the dilemma of, “how can I organize my stuff?”

It is easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of organizing, but don’t sweat. With these few tips on how to get started, your friends here at Goodwyn Building will have you in the company of Marie Kondo, figuratively speaking of course.

Take Stock

Regardless of if you are tackling the kitchen or the closet, the first step you will need to take is to assess what you have. As painful as the thought may be, take everything out of the space you are working in.

Side note: It can be difficult to clean around a storage space when it is in use, so now would be a great time to clean the area as well.

Evaluate and Donate

Now that you can properly get a good look at all the things that were hiding in that space, take a moment to note what things you use or do not. The kitchen can be easy enough just by scanning food items for the expiration date. A closet full of clothes may take a little more thought.

If you have not used or worn the item in more than six months, odds are you will not miss it. Consider making a pile of things to either sell or donate. Try on clothes and make sure they fit you well, make you happy, and compliment you. If something is broken or worn out, ditch it.

Equip Containers

The addition of things like racks and containers can make a world of difference. Try getting lost in The Container Store for an afternoon and you may just emerge with a new hobby for organizing. Containers in varying sizes are easily found even if you do not have a specialty store nearby.

Pencils, batteries, hair ties and more can all have a specific place to call home with just a few containers. You will be amazed by how refreshing it will be to pull open a drawer and everything remain neatly in its place.

Once you have pared down the items you surely want to keep and have given everything a designated space, the last hurdle is to train yourself to put things back immediately after use. Organizing can be rather time consuming, but if you get yourself into a habit of putting things away, you can save yourself from having to do it too often.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to take on the monster hiding under your bed. Or the mess, rather. For more beneficial homeowner information, have a look at some of our other blog articles. And if you are in the Montgomery area and would like to know more about the kind of homes we create, please do not hesitate to contact us!

By Goodwyn Building 11-6-2019