Cut Stress From Your Next Move With These Tips

Moving is one of the most disruptive and stressful experiences. Trading old ways and places for the new is challenging enough. Managing your possessions shouldn't add one iota of care to your already full plate. At Goodwyn Building, we understand everything that comes along with moving. That is why we want to help. The following tips can help you quickly and efficiently deal with your things so that you can focus on more important parts of your move.


Unpacking before moving might sound backwards, but it makes perfect sense when considering how people really move. After you moved into your current place, you probably unpacked any items as you needed or wanted them. There are probably a few boxes or bags of items that are still unpacked. Going through these items and throwing away anything you won't ever use is an easy way to lighten your load.


Although you may be tempted to toss any unopened box, don't. Take a moment to look through your surplus stuff for antiques and unusual items. While these might not be valuable to you, they are to someone. If an item looks very old, it might be worth a little research or even a trip to a professional appraiser. A little effort might yield a little cash to help with your move.


We're all guilty of borrowing and forgetting to return items. Whether it's a casserole dish or a book, your neighbor's possessions need to go back to them before you move. Save your conscience the guilt of harboring stolen goods and yourself the expense of hauling extra items by returning any loans pronto.

While getting your possessions under control might seem minor, taking these three steps will help put a major dent in your stress levels. Once you've managed your things, you can look up from those boxes and relax as you enjoy the view in your new town.

By Goodwyn Building 10-23-2020