Build the Perfect Home Theater

One of the best things about being a homeowner is the ability to make your home exactly what you want it to be. The possibilities are endless! One thing that many people dream of having in their homes is a personal theater. If that is something you are interested in creating but are not sure exactly what makes a good theater setup, allow us to share a few tips with you.

Dedicate a Room

The first step is to decide which room you want to dedicate to your theater purposes. Having a room where the sole purpose is to enjoy screen time will ensure that you get the most immersive experience.

Eliminate Excess Light

Typically, natural light is one of the most valuable commodities a home can have. But not so much when discussing home theaters. This is because ambient light sources can distort the picture on the screen, and it can take away from the immersive environment. Basements are great theater options because of this factor, but black out curtains can be extremely helpful if a basement is not an option.

Eliminate Excess Sound

Another element you will want to minimize is ambient sound. Having a designated room is already a great way of reducing these noises, but there are a few more things you can do to really sell the theater experience. For example, you can install special sound absorbing wallboards, replace your standard door with a solid door, and place noise reducing curtains over any windows in the room.

Create the Look

And the final thing you need to do is decide on the look you want for your theater. This is your space. You can make it as elaborate or as subdued as you want it to be. You can go all out with red velvet curtains and movie posters, or you can have the screen be the star and keep the rest simple. Regardless of which style you land on, painting the walls and ceiling a dark color can go a long way in creating an immersive atmosphere.

The rest of the theater creating process is very dependent on your personal tastes. What kind of sound you want, what kind of screen you want and how big. But these few considerations should help you get the most out of your home theater regardless of those variables.

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By Goodwyn Building 2-18-2021