Ways to Beat the Summer Heat and Humidity

Goodwyn Building is proud to call Alabama home. Our summers allow us to do some of our favorite things, like visiting the Gulf Coast. However, our summer weather is nothing to scoff at. No doubt if you asked anyone from Alabama what our summers are like they might say something akin to, “it’s like bathing in hot mushroom soup.” So, how does one beat the heat? Happily, Goodwyn is one of the leading builders of energy-efficient homes in the state. If you happen to be in one of our expertly built homes, you can use your A/C almost guilt free. Even if you are not in a Goodwyn home, do not sweat! As true Southerners, we have a few other helpful tips so you can stay cool in the coming months.

Your first line of defense? Deodorant. We are only kidding. Well, sort of. It is an important thing to remember when you are in the heat and humidity. On a more serious note, however, you may want to consider what material of clothing you choose. Avoid heavy materials like wool or polyester and instead opt for something more breathable, like cotton. Equipped with a pair of linen pants, you will surely be ready for a road trip to Orange Beach.

Along with summer weather comes summer chores. So, if you are planning to do yardwork, you may benefit from placing a water bottle in the freezer and later taking it with you while you work. The purpose of this is two-fold. Firstly, it will serve as an ice pack to keep you cool and secondly, as it melts it will provide you with cold water to drink. On that note, always remember to drink lots of water! If your schedule allows, you may also want to consider doing your yardwork in the early morning or later in the evening when temperatures may be less intense.

When we think of winter meals and treats, no doubt we are reminded of some of our favorite warm and hearty comfort foods. In the heat of summer, though, maybe reach for light and refreshing options instead. Cold, juicy watermelon, bright salads, or grilled meats. Things like these will be sure to fuel you for fun activities instead of weighing you down.

Hopefully, with a little help from these tips, you and your family will be ready to enjoy all that summer has to offer. If you are tired of your home performing less than efficiently, especially in the heat of summer, be sure to give us a call! Energy efficiency is a standard of all Goodwyn homes, not an upgrade. That is because we value your family’s budget and overall health. Hop on over to The Goodwyn Advantage page of our site to learn more about how we accomplish this in our homes.

By Goodwyn Building 6-17-2019