Backyard Ideas for a Happy Dog

Sitting on your back porch watching your kids and dogs happily play is a heartwarming scene indeed. At Goodwyn Building we love building energy efficient homes with beautiful backyards for you and your family to enjoy. But it is up to you to add those personal touches that make a house a home. Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your backyard to make your dog’s dreams come true.

Water Features

If there is one thing that can totally transform your backyard, it is a water feature. A fountain or a shallow pond is both aesthetically pleasing for you and advantageous to your pup. A clean fountain or waterfall feature can provide your dog with fresh water to lap up when running around and provides a soothing soundscape for you and your family when outside. Another option is a shallow pond. This can give your little fur ball a place to cool down, especially during the hotter months. When designing your pond, however, be sure to provide steps or a gentle slope so that your dog can easily get back out of the water.

Shady Features

Dogs can easily suffer from heat strokes. Especially if they are running around outside for hours. Protect your pooch by offering shaded elements in your yard. Large trees and shrubs are excellent choices that can also be beautifully arranged. If those are not an option for you or you want to provide even more, you can add a covered porch or even a doghouse. There are many stylish options when it comes to dog houses today. From your standard plastic ones to ones that resemble legit houses, equipped even with AC.

Comfy Features

While your doggo is out playing, you want to make sure to provide them with comfortable materials to walk or lay on. Making sure that the materials do not get too hot or too cold. Concrete, brick, pebbles, and bark are all great landscaping choices. A bonus to landscaping your yard with materials like these, is that your yard will not be as easily destroyed as a traditional grass lawn might. Along with that, Fido is not as likely to get dirty and muddy. So, you will have less hesitation to let them into the house when they are done playing.

After a long day of playing outside, no doubt your dog will be ready to rest at your feet awaiting your pets. Not a bad end to a day. If you are currently hunting for home for you and your family to be able to grow in, consider calling Goodwyn Building. We would love to show you around and explain how we are the leading builders in energy efficient homes in Alabama.

By Goodwyn Building 3-26-2020