A Guide to Hosting a Backyard Movie Night

Hosting a backyard movie night is an enjoyable and warm way to spend time with friends. It's a simple way to take advantage of pleasant summer nights, and with a few adjustments, you could also have the event in the winter.

Here is a checklist to... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 9-26-2022

Grab These Things Before Fall Rolls Around

Fall is just around the corner! To make sure your home is stocked up for the season’s activities, we have compiled this list of must have items. Things go out of stock now more than ever, and because these items are so popular, it's best to... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 8-18-2022

Facts About Clover Lawns

Are you fed up with traditional grass lawns? Bedecking your lawn in clover is a popular alternative and here’s why.

You Don’t Have to Mow It as Often

One of the biggest reasons people get fed up with grass lawns is due to the upkeep. Typically,... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 7-22-2022

Common Real Estate Terms Explained

At Goodwyn Building, we love helping all families find their homes, but we are extra excited to help first time homebuyers. First time homebuyers face a lot of hurdles in order to purchase a home, and along the way, they are likely to be... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 6-17-2022

Create a Calming Atmosphere with These Colors

Our team at Goodwyn strives to create homes that are havens for the families that live in them. Your home should be a place where you can relax and find refuge from the stresses of the day. The colors that you choose to paint... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 5-20-2022

Sustainable Switches That Will Save You Money

At Goodwyn Building, it is our goal to build homes that are sustainable and affordable to buy and live in. We believe that affordability should stretch into your month-to-month expenses and not just your upfront costs. The amount of money you spend... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 4-19-2022

Gutter Problems to Look for Throughout the Year

Gutters perform an essential task. They protect the integrity of your roof, siding, and foundation by diverting water away from the house. Now, you may already have a habit of cleaning out your gutters in the spring and fall, but it might be beneficial to inspect... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 3-16-2022

Space Heater Safety

When it is cold outside, no doubt you long to be cozy in your home. Comfy slippers, warm blankets, hot beverages, and maybe a space heater at your side to boost the warmth around you. Space heaters are without question a great way to... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 2-18-2022

Healthy Produce You Can Grow Indoors

Fresh produce is one of life's most delicious joys. Nothing beats the taste of something that nature produces. If you love produce, you can support your local markets and get even better quality. However, fruits and vegetables are not always in season. Fortunately, those at Goodwyn... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 1-21-2022

Budget Friendly Ways to Reduce Heat Loss

Our Goodwyn homes are always built with energy efficient materials. We want your home to be affordable to live in, not just to purchase. One thing that can seriously affect the affordability of your home is poor insulation. If your home is feeling drafty,... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 12-10-2021