Keep Your Fence Looking New

Wood fences are beautiful and help in the protection of your family and pets. They help a family feel safe and secure as they play in the backyard be it in the summer or winter. With the different seasons though there is a lot of weather... [read more]


How to Clean Your Home this Winter

It seems as if no matter what you do the home always gets dirty. Each season tends to have its own way of making your home dirty. You might not think that winter can do much to your home other than track some snow into your... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 11-21-2017

Adjust Your Lighting in Winter

If you haven’t noticed the lighting change that fall brings you’ll be noticing the time change soon. Fall and winter makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning and then after you tackle that you have to drag yourself out of bed. There... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 10-2-2017

Decorate Your Home with Rugs

When decorating your home, you may think of putting a rug in a room last. The last added piece comes with a smaller budget and not much thought to it because you’ve already got the rest of it there. Goodwyn Building understands that decorating takes time... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 8-1-2017

Summer Cleaning

With summer here and the kids out of school there will be a lot more people at home during the day. This means that the house is bound to get dirtier faster. This can be frustrating for any mom that loves a clean and tidy house.... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 6-20-2017

Energy Saving Home

As utility bills continue to go up and the amount of income we can bring in is going down, we often wonder what we can do. Each of us want to be able to afford a nice home with utility bills that leave us some money... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 5-31-2017

Lawn Care for the Summer

Summer is almost here which means that there are a couple of things that need to get done. Everyone loves a green luscious yard that stays that way throughout the summer. At times that can be hard to accomplish. If you have recently... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 5-9-2017

Our first new home in Country View Estates!

We are very excited to announce that we have completed our first new home in Country View Estates. This community is in close proximity to all destinations and amenities that lend themselves to your best lifestyle. Country View Estates is just miles from... [read more]

By Goodwyn 1-31-2017

Owning A New Home Is Better Than Renting

Renting may seem like an easy and quick solution for your living situation. However, there are so many advantages to owning a home in the Montgomery Alabama area that you may not be aware of. The cost of renting a home is increasing... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 8-26-2016

Summers Here Now What Do We Do

As the end of the school year fast approaches, wondering what you are going to do during the summer break with your family? Have no fear! Your friends at Goodwyn Building have some fun ideasto keep your family active this summer in Montgomery!

FOR YOUR BUDDING... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 5-24-2016

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