Budget Friendly Ways to Reduce Heat Loss

Our Goodwyn homes are always built with energy efficient materials. We want your home to be affordable to live in, not just to purchase. One thing that can seriously affect the affordability of your home is poor insulation. If your home is feeling drafty,... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 12-10-2021

Avoid These Window Caulking Mistakes

Window caulk is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to insulate your home more efficiently. However, it's also easy to make mistakes when applying it which can lead to lower energy efficiency, water damage, or mold growth. Here are some common mistakes homeowners... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 11-23-2021

Bring a Piece of Nature Indoors with These Crafts

There's nothing quite like the beauty of nature, and when it comes to enhancing your home's unique entrance and interior spaces, a few botanical finds from your backyard can add that cozy feeling. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Lush Glorious Garlands

All you need... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 10-27-2021

Things You Should Know About Trees and Property Lines

Trees can add so much to the landscaping around your home. They can offer privacy, shade, and even fresh fruit. But while you may enjoy the trees in your yard, your neighbor might not. If you want to settle disputes or just be a... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 9-17-2021

Add Elegance with Crown Molding

At Goodwyn Building, we build homes with style and quality. We work hard to create the perfect base home that you can add your own sense of style to. One of the best ways that you can add dimension to your home is to... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 8-23-2021

Gutter Cleaning Made Easy

Goodwyn Homes utilizes energy efficient materials when we build. This means that when you buy from us, you can have confidence that you will be able to afford your home for years to come. Another thing that can save you money in the long run is... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 7-14-2021

How To Keep Your House Smelling Fresh Naturally

Most store-bought air fresheners are filled with toxic chemicals that over time can have a negative impact on you and your family’s health. Most contain phthalates, a chemical that is prohibited from beauty products in the UK, even the ones labeled as... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 6-24-2021

Clever Uses for Utility Sheds

Having a backyard that gives you the ability to turn it into a place you enjoy is important. That is why at Goodwyn Homes, we strive to place homes on carefully chosen lots that allow you the space to do just that.

When contemplating... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 5-24-2021

Lawn Care for the Summer

Goodwyn Homes is known for building homes with innovation and up-to-date designs in mind. We work to build homes at the lowest price possible without ever compromising on quality and safety. Take a look at our [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 4-29-2021

Decorate Your Home with Rugs

Goodwyn Homes understand that a home is not just a place to be in but it's where life happens and we want to make sure that your home is the perfect fit for the life you imagine. We provide affordable, quality homes because we believe everyone,... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 3-19-2021