Buying a New Home vs Old Home

Buying a home is a significant decision, and one of the key choices you'll face is whether to purchase a new home or an existing home. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which you should consider based on your preferences, budget, and... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 10-31-2023

Interest Rates and Your Mortgage

Interest rates are always a big discussion when anyone talks about the current state of the housing market. And for good reason too because interest rates have a significant impact on both home prices and mortgage payments. If you are curious to know more about how... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 10-17-2023

How a Home Can Help You Build Generational Wealth

If you have a family or plan to start a family in the future, you are no doubt concerned about helping them live successful, happy lives. A great way to help your children be prepared for the future is by ensuring that your wealth can be... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 10-5-2023

Don't Make These Fall Landscaping Mistakes

Landscaping chores, whether you love them or not, are a must. Fall offers the perfect opportunity to tidy up your yard for winter and get it ready for spring. At Goodwyn Building, we want to help you with our experience. So, without further ado, here are... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 9-26-2023

How to Fix Drywall Holes

Homes are for living in and when you live somewhere, accidents are almost impossible to avoid. When those accidents land you with a hole in your drywall, what can you do?

Fixing drywall holes, whether small nail holes or larger damage, is a common home repair... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 8-22-2023

Banish Bugs from Your Backyard with These Tips

Goodwyn homeowners are no strangers to pesky insects thanks to the Alabama climate, especially in summer. And guess what? It’s that time of year again! But don’t let bugs win the battle for your backyard. Enjoy your outdoor space and banish bugs by following... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 7-25-2023

Avoid Making These Mistakes During Your First Year of Homeownership

If you just bought a new home, congratulations! A lot of planning goes into buying a home. At Goodwyn Building, we love helping people find the right home for their family and we recognize that it is no small feat when all is said... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 6-20-2023

Unclog Your Drain Quickly with These Tips

Our Goodwyn Building team is happy to help make home owning easier and less daunting to navigate. Which is a big motivator for why we regularly update our blog with useful information, design inspiration, and helpful tips. And today the tip we want to... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 5-23-2023

Explaining How 30 and 15 Year Home Loans Differ

At Goodwyn, we want everyone to experience the joy of owning their own home. And for most, the pathway to homeownership includes obtaining a home loan. When it comes to taking out a home loan, one of the most important decisions you'll make is... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 4-20-2023

Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring is a time of renewal, and it's the perfect opportunity to refresh your home after a long winter. If you are ready to transition your home into spring, here are some great places to start.

Deep Clean Your Home

Start by giving your... [read more]

By Goodwyn Building 3-23-2023