After School Activities

It’s that time of year again where the kids are in school and you have a home that can stay a bit cleaner for longer periods of time. Younger kids come home earlier from school but the question then becomes what they can do next. TV can be nice and relaxing but according to studies it should be limited. Goodwyn Building wants to help you plan out activities that you can have your kiddos do after school to help get any energy out and to limit time on the TV.

One of the many things that gets overlooked with kids is board games. They used to be big back in the day before video games were around. There are so many different types and new ones coming out every day. Pick something that can involve the entire family so that you’re making sure to have quality family time every day with the kids even if it’s just for an hour or so. Rotating several board games can be good because different ones will teach strategy, others will be for laughter, and others work on communication skills.

Make it a habit while it’s still nice out to go outside and play with the kids. Whether that is kickball, basketball, or just a bit of playing catch with your kids, they will remember it and appreciate it for years to come! Time outside is good for both you and the kids. A good break from school work for the kids and good break from having to think about the next thing for mom and dad is always beneficial. Taking the time to be there in the moment can be hard to do but that quality time with the family isn’t something that can be replaced.

In addition to board games and outside fun, there are other things that your family can do to grow together and get energy out of the kiddos. Create something! Look up some crafts online and exercise your kid’s imagination. Have them make whatever they want. If you join in and do the same, it will often end in laughter. Everyone can always use more genuine laughter.

Goodwyn Building knows how a family’s life is at home. That is where everyone is together, and love grows. Help make that love grow more and more by taking the time to do family activities. Goodwyn Building builds homes that help your family do just that. Take a look at the homes we have available today!

By Goodwyn Building 8-31-2018