Adjust Your Lighting in Winter

If you haven’t noticed the lighting change that fall brings you’ll be noticing the time change soon. Fall and winter makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning and then after you tackle that you have to drag yourself out of bed. There just seems to be a lack of motivation in these months. A mood change seems to coincide with the lighting of the season. The good thing is that you have the ability to control the lighting of your home to be able to get it a warm and more welcoming feel.

  1. Equalize

This is very important in the winter time. It helps to give a warmer and seasonal atmosphere. This would mean that you have to use lighting other than the one you’ve got hanging on the ceiling. Distributing light throughout the room would mean that you primarily use lamps that have softer and warmer tones to them. Putting such lamps across rooms you’ll want to take notice of your corners. This leaves less rooms for shadows, helping our mood to be better. Light affects us every second so it’s important to get the lighting right.

  1. Shade it Right

Picking the right shade is important because it changes the way the light looks. Maybe you have a lamp but don’t really like the color of the light that comes from it. Or it could be that it exposes the bulbs which can give a harsher cast to the room. A good bulb and the right cloth shade can help to change this. Ceramic and fabric textures give a softer light to the room as well. This is important to keep in mind when you’re wanting to get new lamps, lamp shades, or as you’re going through stuff that you’ve inherited.

  1. Light it Up

Picking the right bulb for the right season is very important. Giving off a full blast yellow light will give too much of a difference to the season outside. Upgrade all your old bulbs to LEDS. Picking the right LED will give you the right lighting to the room. Picking a bulb that is warm light with a touch of a blue light to add a cool aspect to it is important after the summer months have passed.

Light effects the mood of each person so it’s very important to get the lighting right in your home. By distributing your light, with the right shade and bulb, you’ll have the perfect lighting in your home in these colder months. Goodwyn Building knows how important the lighting in a home. Check out the light in our homes in our gallery and homes for sale pages. We know that you’ll love them.

By Goodwyn Building 10-2-2017