Is Remodeling Your Home Worth it

If you’ve been living in your current home for the last 15-20 years you might be considering remodeling your home. There is a lot to consider on whether you should embark on this big of a project or not. You might be a highly classified DIYer but there is more to consider than just whether or not you feel skilled enough to take it on. Goodwyn Buildings has been building stylish affordable homes since 1989. Making the decision whether it is best to proceed with a remodel or that it's time to move onto another home is hard to make. We want to make this decision easier on you, so we will now discuss some factors for you to consider.

One thing to consider is your age. If you’re getting to the point where home projects exhaust you after a day of hard work, then a whole remodel isn’t advised. More than that though, even if you were able to remodel your home room by room, consider whether or not you’re getting to the age of wanting to keep up with a 20 year old home, a big yard, and all that comes with it. When looking at your personal circumstances you have to look at yourself now but also how things will be in the few years to come.

So, what if you really love where you live? You then have to decide if you’re going to take the project on yourself or if you’ll have it contracted out. Note that it will be considerably cheaper to do it yourself, but it will also take a lot longer than you expect. If you’re wanting to contract it out, it's important that you realize you may never get the money back that you put into it. If you’re ever planning on selling your home, you might think that your home will go for more due to all the renovations, but the housing market unfortunately dominates everything.

Goodwyn Building understand that there are several things to consider when it comes to making such big decisions. However, it’s worth considering if it is more beneficial and economical to buy a new home already with upgrades that you want versus spending the extra money to remodel the one that you currently live in. If you feel like that is the better option for you and your family, then come and take a look at the homes that we have available.

The great thing about our homes is the fact that they are beautiful ranch style homes. This makes it perfect for older ones who find it difficult to get up and down the stairs. Our homes are also energy efficient. This means that you’re not only saving money initially when you make the choice to go with one of our homes, but you will also save it in the long run. Fill out the online request form to set up a tour today!

By Goodwyn Homes 2-26-2020