Landscaping Your New Home with Edible Plants

You have moved into your new home in Montgomery Al. Now your ready for landscaping. Something to consider is a beautiful and delicious solution. That solution would be to decorate with edible plants.

Throughout the South, the land is ripe for planting with delicious edibles. While many of us think of vegetable gardens as being distinct from our flower gardens, the truth is that many edible plants make beautiful additions to your landscape and can totally enhance your existing garden space without looking out of place. Now is your chance to update your landscape by taking to heart the tradition of Victory Gardens.

Adding Herbs

Herbs make a perfect addition to your landscape. They are useful in the kitchen, but they also provide a number of benefits while they are growing. For instance, herbs like rosemary and lavender are extremely fragrant and hardy plants. They do well in a wide range of environmental conditions. Both of these herbs provide excellent ground cover around larger plants, and lavender will surprise you with purple blooms as well. The best part is that these herbs are extremely easy to harvest for cooking, potpourri, and other uses.

Adding Fruit to Your Landscape

Fruit trees and vines are another great source of produce while adding to the beauty of your landscape. Not only do they provide you with fruit at various times of the year, but they also put on a big display of colorful blooms before the fruit arrives. You are likely to find a number of dwarf fruit trees available in your region. These specialty trees are made for easier harvesting and maintenance because they grow shorter while still producing plenty of fruit for you to harvest.

Another great addition is grapevines. Grapes come in dozens of varieties, so it is easy to find one that works with your soil composition and lighting condition. Grapevines are particularly useful because they can be grown on trellises or arbors to serve as a decorative background or a centerpiece to your garden.

Adding Berries

Berries are a versatile option for any garden. Some berries grow on bushes, while others grow low to the ground, like strawberries. Strawberries are among the easiest berries to add to your landscape, and they produce quickly. In addition, they send out long shoots and spread rapidly so they can fill empty space and fill in between your other plants.

Other berries, like blueberries, may need some specialized care to maintain proper soil conditions. These may be grown as a border or planted in pots so that they will be easier to care for. This is especially true in regions where there is a lot of clay in the soil. Raspberry and blackberry bushes also make a colorful contribution to your garden. However, it usually takes 1-2 full years before these bushes produce fruit. The good news is that most of these berry plants produce more than you can eat at one time, which means you'll have plenty left over for freezing, canning, jams and more.

If you're looking to step up your gardening game by adding edible plants, these are just a few plants you can choose from.

By Goodwyn Builders 8-1-2019