Summer Cleaning

With summer here and the kids out of school there will be a lot more people at home during the day. This means that the house is bound to get dirtier faster. This can be frustrating for any mom that loves a clean and tidy house. What can be done during this beautiful yet challenging season? Well below you’ll find 3 different ways to help you keep your home clean throughout this summer.

  1. The Bathroom

Summer is a month of playing hard and getting a sufficient amount of time at the pool for some fun. This poses a couple of different challenges to the bathroom because it gets a bit more use with more dirt and summer fun attached to it. It will be important to keep up with it regularly not only because it will be extensively used but also because mold and mildew can start to grow in the summer months. So, in addition to a regular cleaning, make sure that when you shower that you’re keeping a window open in the bathroom. This will help keep the mold from growing.

  1. Patio

The evening is the best time of day to be outside because it’s not too hot or too cold. Many people plan on grilling out and eating with the family on the patio. All that furniture is outside though and can have a film of dirt and dust over them. Make sure to keep up with cleaning glass tables, metal furniture, and cloth cushions. By taking a mixture of clean water and some detergent and doing a nice scrub down to disinfect, you’ll be able to keep up with dirt. While you do this make sure that you take notice of any rust on your metal furniture so that you can sand it down to ensure that it won’t eat away at it anymore.

  1. The Laundry Room

Most moms spend a lot of time in this room. Kids seem to go through clothes fast in the summer because of how dirty they can get throughout the day. With more moisture in the air from spring rains, mold can end up growing in the washer machine. To counteract this every now and then run an empty load with hot water and detergent to give it a nice clean. Then afterwards make sure to leave the door open to properly dry out.

At times, it can be hard for the house to keep clean with little ones running around but with regularly taking a little time to do a little cleaning it will help you to maintain a clean house. Summer is a beautiful time of year, enjoy it with a good feeling that your home is clean. Goodwyn Building knows the importance of a clean home and work place. We maintain a standard of excellence when it comes to cleanliness and want to help you do the same!

By Goodwyn Building 6-20-2017