Phillip Goodwyn - Prattville & Millbrook

Cell: 334.296.2438

There simply is no substitute for meeting me on site and walking through our homes. There is no pressure at all. We are excited to explain what we do and why. The bottom line is the more people that see our homes leads to more people buying our homes. Most people have no idea they can buy new. We believe in our homes and our mission, affordable to buy/affordable to own.

I can explain funding options, construction, methods, energy efficiency, plan variations, standard allowances, etc. Walk through our homes and if it feels right you will know it.

Bernice Tharp - Montgomery & Wetumpka

Cell: 334.221.3435

I have been a Real Estate broker for 29 years. I have also represented the Goodwyn Building Company for 25 years.
I cover all spectrums of the building and Real Estate business. From finding the land, pricing the houses, advertising for the purchasers and financing the houses. I love the financing end of this business most of all. I pride myself in knowing the very best financing on the market at any given time. I really have a passion for making certain that all my clients have access to the best programs available on the market today. For 8 years I did a radio show called “This Sold House” on Saturday mornings. It was a call-in show and I would tell listeners all the best programs that were available at the time and walk them through the financing end of it. Helping people get financed is truly my passion.

I am proud to be a part of Goodwyn Building Company. I have watched this company grow from a small builder to one of the biggest builders in Montgomery and surrounding areas. We have stuck with people for years as they are just starting to question the buying process, to straightening out credit issues, to qualifying them for a loan. There is never any pressure. I only want a win/win situation. I have trained many Real Estate professionals over the years and have always said that good salesmanship nowadays is a matter of listening to the individual and doing everything humanly possible to meet their needs at the price they wish to pay. To anyone reading this feel free to call me just to chat or pick my brain for any questions you may have in the buying process. Hope to see you at an open house or to us chatting about houses at your convenience.

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