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At Goodwyn Building, we know that buying a new home is one of the most exciting and gratifying experiences. We also know that you as a homebuyer are putting an enormous amount of trust in us to deliver on our promises. We are honored to accept this responsibility, which we do not accept casually. From start to finish, Goodwyn Building compromises nothing in quality or construction. All of our homes are designed by our own staff, relying on our 30+ years of experience dealing with efficient floor plans and what the customer wants. Our homes are attractive, unique, and are built in desirable communities that you and your family would love to live in. We would be honored for you to join the Goodwyn Building family!

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Builder of the Year.


Goodwyn Building has stayed on the front edge of the local homebuilding industry with innovative choices in construction style including heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, foam insulation and energy tracking monitors in every home constructed. Goodwyn Building aims to efficiently and purposefully combine and coordinate the efforts of skilled carpenters, laborers and subcontractors to build the highest quality home for the least amount of money. "This award is a recognition of George's long history of building quality, energy-efficient electric homes in the River Region", stated Cathy Brown, Residential Manager for Alabama Power’s Southern Division. "This marks the first time this award has been given and you are very deserving of the honor."

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Our homes have exceptional livability and provide homebuyers the assurance that they will continue to be able to afford their home far into the future with energy-efficient, cost-saving materials.

Energy-efficient, cost-saving homes.


Cost Saving

Goodwyn Building has a set of standards to ensure that your home is the most energy-efficient and high-performance home around. This includes the utilization of matched HVAC Equipment, 14 SEER Electric Air-to-Air Heat Pump, R-4.2 ductwork located in conditioned space, 6” open-cell sprayed foam roof deck insulation, 3.5” open-cell sprayed foam exterior walls, slab floor, double pane Low-E vinyl windows, and metal poly-core french and solid-core doors. Our homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code requirements. Based on these high-performance materials, Goodwyn Building offers a two year High Performance Guarantee which promises your heating and cooling costs will not exceed $53 a month or you will be reimbursed.


Energy Efficient

You’ll see the differences every day in your new energy efficient home by Goodwyn Building with healthier indoor air, increased value, reduced reliance on natural resources, and lower greenhouse gas output. With your spray foam insulation, you will rest easy knowing you have the best insulation at reducing air leakage. With your Heat Pump Hot Water Heater, you will experience an endless supply of heated water at lower cost saving approximately $25/month. Your home will also come with an Efergy E2 Power Monitor, which will make it easy to track your energy consumptions and anticipate your heating and cooling costs. The real value of your Goodwyn Building home is what you cannot see behind your walls!

With over 30 years of experience building in the River Region, Goodwyn Building can build your dream home that is perfect for your budget and your lifestyle.

Perfectly Placed Communities.


Currently building in Troy, Prattville, Deatsville, Elmore, and Montgomery, Goodwyn Building is committed to providing the most attractive and accessible homes that retain their value well into the future. Our communities offer a variety of home styles, sizes and types to suite your family’s needs, as well as close proximity to all convenience.

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Watching a brand new home take shape is a rewarding experience for any homeowner. From the first dig of the foundation to the last coat of paint, it's definitely something you'll never forget. At Goodwyn Building, we take pride in the way we build our homes, and we want to share our enthusiasm and expertise with you. Not only do we build your home in the most efficient and effective way possible, but we'll help you understand every piece that goes into your home - so you can know it inside and out.

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