Our Communities

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Community Location Price Range Brochure Realtor
Cotton Lakes Blvd.

Wetumpka, AL 36092

$124,900 – $149,900 Download Bernice Tharp
Old Post Lane

Montgomery, AL 36109

$138,900 – $163,200 Download Bernice Tharp
Brookshire Way

Montgomery, AL 36116

$148,900 – $158,900 Download Bernice Tharp
Park Lake Drive

Montgomery, AL 36117

$129,900 – $145,900 Download Bernice Tharp

Millbrook, AL 36504

$139,900 – $164,900 Download Philip Goodwyn
Cotton Blossom Way

Prattville, AL 36067

$138,900 – $152,900 Download Philip Goodwyn
Vann Court

Millbrook, AL 36054

$151,100 – $183,700 Download Philip Goodwyn
Charleston Dr

Millbrook, AL 36205

$169,900 – $200,900 Download Philip Goodwyn
Sunset Dr

Prattville, AL 36107

$143,900 – $167,500 Download Philip Goodwyn

Our Agents

Bernice Tharp

Montgomery & Wetumpka


Philip Goodwyn

Prattville & Millbrook


Affordable New Homes
From start to finish, nothing is compromised in quality or construction. All homes are designed by our own staff, relying on our many years of experience dealing with efficient floor plans and what the customer wants. Our homes are attractive, unique, and are built in desirable communities that you and your family would love to live in. Cotton Lakes is our flagship neighborhood in Wetumpka that always has a variety of homes for you to check out at any time.
All Homes Come With a Full Warranty
Goodwyn Building is proud of what they do. Each home is individually supervised from start to finish by George Goodwyn. He gives his phone number to each new customer and stands ready to answer any questions and respond to any warranty issues. Each home we build comes with a one year builders warranty and a 10 year warranty on the heating and cooling system.
Energy Efficiency At An Affordable Price
All Goodwyn homes are built with the goal of obtaining the lowest possible power bill. Goodwyn Building strives to be the leader in energy efficient new home construction. We build more ENERGY STAR approved homes than any other builder in the Montgomery area.